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Rooting Nook Color - Many questions

I apologize that you're gonna get the same questions over and over again, I simply don't have the time to have a full research in Google and this forum at this point.

I got a Nook Color and so far I love it, but I found out in the Internet, that if I root it, I will get so much more out of it.

I've nevery rooted any Device before, nor did I have an Android Device (I'm from the Mac corner), but I do have a bit of technical knowledge so I'm not afraid of the rooting proccess itself.

But these are the things which actually concern me:

If I root my NC, will I still be able to download my books from B&N? Will my magazine subscriptions still update automatically?

Will the battery life suffer when rooted?

One of the main reasons to root would be that I want a better reader for PDFs. Is there on available in the Android Market, which allows seach, Bookmarks, Markings...?

If rooted, could I still use the standard Nook Color Homescreen and would I be able to put my own - not bought from B&Ns - files on it?

Will Google Maps work?

Are there any real disadvantages or rooting? Besides loosing your warranty?

Thank you so much in advance. I'm afraid more questions will arise with time.

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