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Post Pocketbook 903 - First impressions

It seems the 903 FINALLY got delivered to a number of people (cheers to Pocketbook distributors for doing slave work during Christmas to deliver the units, bad for Pocketbook for not being able to keep promises and to manufacture those units in time).

I think we need a separate topic for reviewing the 903. Of course, people have just got the device, I don't expect fast answers, but my questions are:
- How good the hardware/build quality is ? (Is it big enough? Does it look heavy? Is the screen ok? Is the stylus accurate enough? How is it compared to other devices you saw/owned?)
- How good the epub support is? (Is it configurable? Does it have or can you install FBReader? What about DRM?)
- How good the pdf support is? (Is it fast enough for scanned pdfs? Are the page turns fast enough? How is it with zoom/fit to width/portrait mode? How good reflow is?)
- How good the battery is? (This of course would take time, but I'm curious: 1. How much % does the battery use per day if it's in idle/sleep mode? 2. How much % does the battery use per day if you read a reasonable amount of time as 2-4 hrs?)
- How good is it for academic use? (Mainly, how can you annotate documents (pdfs)? Can you at least install Xournal? Is it large enough to read A4 journal articles?)
- How stable is it? (Are there any hangs? Is the firmware still half-finished, are some features not implemented yet?)
- Does internet have any use on it? (Can you read rss feeds/blogs/newspapers? Can you read/write emails? Can you download files?)
- How are other features (Did you try audiobooks? How are the dictionaries and text-to-speech? How is the mp3 player? Do you use Bluetooth for anything (I know there is a separate topic on that)? Are there any other useful application for things like note taking/games/personal organizer/address book?)
- How configurable/hackable it is? (Is it easy to customize it and to write apps for it?)
- Are you happy with it or would you recommend some other eReader?

Take your time and thanks in advance for your answers.

Later edit: first impressions were already posted by LoneTech user in

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