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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
Your other option is to use the Calibre recipe (code) system to grab recipes (food) from Although the recipe (code) system of Calibre is not designed for simple user input when a recipe (code) runs, you can load the URL (or a portion thereof) via the username password field, via modifying the recipe to add a list of links, or through a Python coded interface.
I'm not sure about the recipe idea... I thought that recipes were designed for aggregating news items like RSS feeds. Is that assumption incorrect?

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
I would think the first thing would be to consider Starson17's suggestion of whether a "recipe" approach is more suitable than a UI plugin. I know absolutely nothing about recipes having never used them which is why I did not mention the option myself. However if there is indeed a way to incorporate a way of the URL being supplied by the user into that which Starson17 indicates some options for then that sounds like a much better approach given it does most of what you need?
It seems like the only input I really need is a URL. Even if the plugin simply pops up a dialog box asking for it and then processes from there, I should be able to do the rest automatically. Is there a simple way to get user input?
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