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Thanks to you both James and MacEachaidh, Well I do have the iRiver Cover Story WiFi, I think yep the speed is great and reading books are somewhat good however the reflective screen is kinda a downer and 8bit greyscale as well! At the moment I have both the IRiver Cover Story and Sony PRS650 and can notice the big difference between the 2 for greyscale. In speed it actually seems that they are on par with each other and reading ebooks is good enough on iRiver however Manga is heaps better on the Sony. Now the only problem is since I got as Cover Story as a xmas gift do I keep the Sony or the iRiver when the main thing I do read more are ebooks?
Also the advantage of iRiver is it does support Korean and other asian language text encoding so I can upload to the reader without having to convert to PDF

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