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Exclamation Help! Urgent! For My Colony!/Wow! I Want that!

Just yesterday I was swimming looking for fish when a Shark approached rather unexpectedly, causing me to swim away. So I usual I panicked and started talking at a rapid speed about what I wanted for christmas and what my chores consisted of today. Soon after the shark started to settle down and I talked to "it" for about 3 hours then the current picked up and the shark started to get restless again. He definantly not helping in my quest of finding the perfect e-reader so I could read to my off spring. Later I found out that shark wasn't alive and was infact a piece of ice shaped like a shark. So I come to you the human race to help me find the great e-reader of today. Money is not an option I am rich I own all the fish throughout the land. I even smuggle caviar past the seagulls.


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