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Originally Posted by Bookworm_Girl View Post
I always transfer library books to the internal memory rather than an SD card. Have you tried the internal memory to see if that works? When you say you could read them ok does that mean on your computer in the Reader Library software or also on your 950?
See, the problem is I cannot transfer to the internal memory, because, as in my OP, the reader shows up as "Error" rather than "Reader." When I do the clean install of reader library and the first time I connect the reader, I can transfer the books to the internal memory, no problems. Any subsequent connection results in the "Error" in the source list, like in the picture, and it will not allow me to drag anything into the reader. However, if I insert the SD card, it shows up as another icon, and I can drag the library epubs into it. But, as I mentioned, despite showing the countdown, I cannot read them on the reader.

Also, to your last point, I have no problem opening and reading books using reader library (or Adobe DE, for that matter). Even when the reader is showing as "Error," I can still open and read and download protected epub books to my computer. I just cannot get them to transfer to or open in the reader (except for the very first time using reader library after the clean install).
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