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Originally Posted by AJ Starr View Post
Probably doesn't apply, but whenever I finish tranferring to my SD card and/or Reader, I ALWAYS go to an innoculous program, make a simple change, like add a space or delete a space, then SAVE, which clears out the buffer.

Before I did that I corrupted a few cards that left files open. Since I've done this I haven't had any problems with files left "open".

Good luck,
You reminded me of an interesting point I had not mentioned. When I inserted an SD card into the reader, i had no problems transferring epub books to the card using the reader library software. However, when I attempted to open the book in the reader, the "protected by digital rights management" screen comes up. This happens even though the icon on the reader shows the little 21 day countdown below the book icon. I thought that this countdown would mean that the DRM is working, and I should be able to open it. No such luck.

Also, before disconnecting the reader, I have tried hitting the eject button in reader library as well as using the eject buttons in the OSX finder. Neither solve the problem; and the "Error" shows up the next time the reader is connected.

When you say you change something in another program, do you mean in Word or something, or another reader program? Thanks.
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