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buttons not working -- solved

Well I just had a sort of, "oh duh!" moment. I was using my 950 and couldnt get the (+) or options buttons to work. Then they started working for no apparent reason and a few minutes later stopped working again. Everything else seemed to work fine including the page-turn and home button. I have the boroda firmware and thought that must be causing the problems.

Nope. It was my case! Im using the Targus Truss case which I totally love.

The problem is that it holds the reader at the bottom with a leather pocket/ledge style thing and it covers the wireless switch and half the volume switch. So at times it was holding down the volume+ button and when that happens, i guess the (+) and opt buttons wont work.

After a bit of surgery, i will soon again be using my beloved Targus case. I will also update with pictures when i get a chance.
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