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Originally Posted by Snakey View Post
Wow, I think you just solved a problem that's been driving me crazy. I've been converting PDF to EPUB in Calibre, editing in Sigil to create chapters & clean things up, then converting the edited EPUB to MOBI for my Kindle. I don't have the Kindle yet so I've been previewing my results in the Calibre e-book reader. What I couldn't figure out is how to get the final MOBI to do "chapters start on a new page." I knew I was getting Calibre to recognize where the chapters in the edited EPUB were because I was getting it to add a horizontal line after each one, but they were not starting on a new page (when viewed in Calibre reader/viewer.) After I read your post here I tried viewing my MOBI in the Kindle PC viewer and the chapters were starting on new pages! Maybe a bug in the Calibre viewer? I'm just hoping that when viewed on my Kindle it will follow the behavior shown in the Kindle PC reader and start the chapters on new pages like I want. Anyone have input on this?
Not an exhaustive test, but everything I have looked on the Kindle PC reader looks the same on the Kindle itself.
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