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Originally Posted by 2twisty View Post
Yup. had mine all of 3.5 days. I've read 3 novels and just got done rooting it.

You couldn't possibly have children. I was lucky to find the time to hook up and
configure my Wi-Fi access point to my network.

I've had a Nook 3g for a few months but my lovely wife decided I needed a
Nook Color too. Bless her.

Speaking of access points, my twenty-one year-old son dropped by with his
girlfriend and of course they wanted to see my new Nook. "Ah," I thought, "I'll
find a good book with graphics to show off the NC's capabilities."

I'm a new EMT-B so I have some medical books that include pictures that
take great advantage of the NC's powers. I choose a new one that I had
scanned through earlier and had some good drawings and pictures. Very
detailed stuff.

The first page was text and so were the next few. I didn't bother to read it though, I was looking for pictures. The first picture I found was a drawing of
the female reproduction system. No biggie, I'll just move on.

The next three pages were detailed photographs of the--uh--access point
for newborns to the world. Oh boy, what was I thinking...
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