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Device: I want to get a reader to read to my off spring.
Talking Which E-book would you recommened to A Canadian? And why? Eh :) -->

Hi my name is imperceptible. Recently I have made the decision to buy an E-book reader and can't decide which one. First I thought, Oh sony reader is cool and a solid unit I'll buy that then I did some research and found out that its for Americans only. Then the Amazon Kindle I came to the same conclusion. Then the others had thier flaws and I came down to one. The Cybook Gen3. Although I dont want to be biased so i decided to ask you guys for help! Yay! Super Threaders unit and come forward with a verdict!

I am new to this forum so if I commit any offenses please exuse my actions.

About me:

-I have a PHD in Medical
-I am a graduate from Stanford
-I am currently studying to become a lawyer(Stanford didnt accept me back they said they wanted younger candidates)
-I read about 85 pages an hour and about 350 pages a day (Book a day)

Ok not that you read that all I'm gonna tell you the truth. I just started reading a few weeks ago consistantly and I dont know that first thing about law or medical.

On a seriouse note:

I currently live in Nunavut in the winter and the Artic during the summer. I live with my wife clika and my 25 off spring. My family enjoys reading and hunting for fish. On of your main hobbies is writing the human language. I enjoy interacting with humans every once in a while to make my day easier by realizing how much smarter the penguin race is compared to the human race. Please tell me about yourself, I'll be back soon after I catch my meal for today.

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