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K3 Real Battery Usage - how many page turns?


I tried to read all the battery related kindle posts here, but not very many deal with the K3 battery life. Some users report 30 days of battery, some only a few days, and Amazon even replaced some peoples Kindles on account of high battery usage.

I was checking my ;dumpmessages log file (do a find on 'volt') to see how the battery is behaving. There is also a "def:battinfo:cap" value that shows the capacity in %.

I have 20 already indexed books on the freshly rebooted (hard reset) K3 3G with WiFi OFF and a fully charged Kindle, and in the last days, my battery is down to 60% of capacity, with maybe 4-5 hours of daily reading and many page turns after 5 days?

I am hoping the battery meter is not linear, and that it looses capacity fast at 4.2V, but stabilizes around 3.7 volts to indeed make it possible for the battery to last for a month?! It boils down to a few questions:

1. How does your battery meter go through the life of the battery, linear or dropping fast to about 60% and staying there for a while before finally going down to zero?

2. Is there a way to know how many page turns one does, as that would be the best indication of real battery life, for the K3

3. How long do you wait through the battery low messages before you put the device on recharge?

4. Is there a way to properly form/calibrate the Kindle battery, so the batt meter shows the right capacity? I waited until 3%, which is 65mAh remaining capacity and 3.428V. The full battery is 4.2V and 1873mAh capacity.

Even though I am afraid my K3 might be blowing through the battery too fast, the logs show that it indeed goes through the whole capacity range OK, so I would suspect that people reporting 30 days of battery must not be turning the pages much?
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