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Sideloaded book on homescreen solution for Rooted NC

I found a solution with a little help in regards to putting links to sideloaded books, etc. on your homescreens in rooted nook colors.

I'm creating this thread as I discussed this with a few members right when the NC came out. It was my only true gripe with the machine. It is now perfect for me. Even with rooted NC's, you still can't put shortcuts onto the homescreens of launchers like ADW or Zeam, etc. The Nook standard homescreen is still out regardless, but who with a rooted nook color is using that one anyways. Zeam is my launcher of choice.

So, to get this to work install the following:

Zeam or any other launcher like ADW or Launcher Pro
Astro File Manager
Desktop Visualizer
(All are free in market)

Open Astro and go to preferences. Choose "Edit File Extensions" under Data. Choose "New Extension".

Extension Name: epub (no . in there, just epub)
Mime Type: application
SubType: epub (again, no . in there, just epub)
Exit Astro

Long press on Home screen
Add widget (In Zeam it's "Add Item" then "Widget")
Select whatever size Desktop Visualizer Widget
Select Icon (Choose whatever you want, which is awesome)
Select Action, choose "Other", Choose "ASTRO"
Find and select your file
Rename it if you choose
Hit OK for File Name
Hit OK on bottom of Desktop Visualizer
Choose Widget span, click OK

Direct link from icon on homescreen to default BN reader.

I am primarily using this as a reader and I know it's quick to just go to the library and to my shelves, but for the one or two books that I'm reading right now, I really wanted a quick link directly to them. This is the cleanest. I also downloaded a couple cool picture files from the web and converted them to transparent background .png files. They look good when used as icons for books and comics.

They are located here. Just store them on your machine somewhere and choose them from "Gallery" when using Desktop Visualizer. That's if you want to use them and don't want to use your own. I could get covers of each book but that would be too time consuming. I wanted something quick that I could use over and over again. They're kind of fun and look good on the NC screens as small icons.

Now, I just found these two images online and made their backgrounds transparant and made them png format. I don't think they are copyrighted, but if they actually are and the owners want me to take these images down, I of course will. I highly doubt it as I'm just using them as widget shortcut images. But, just wanted to throw that out there.

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