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Will converted epub whispersync between Kindle 3 and Android app?

I was just introduced to the Kindle ebook technology with my Droid X Kindle app the other day. I really enjoyed reading on it and it made me want to get a Kindle 3. What I really like about the concept is the syncing between my Kindle (which I plan to keep at home) and my Droid X app (which I can read on the go). As with others, I would like my Kindle to work with library epub books. Thus, I have figured out how to remove drm, convert to mobi, and place on my Droid X Kindle app. My question is, if I bought a Kindle 3 today would the converted epub books on my Droid X Kindle app, "whispersync" with my Kindle 3? Thank You.

I've also noticed when importing a converted epub to mobi ebook onto my Droid sdcard kindle directory, the cover image of the book does not show up in my Droid Kindle app homescreen. Anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks again.
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