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Originally Posted by WilliamG View Post
Bezos is simply wrong. While by no means massively uncomfortable, the shape needs work, without question. That left-side previous-page button is so big as to be plain ridiculous, as was mentioned earlier. Just madness. It really amazes me how some designs make it out of the concept phase...
Well, that's a matter of opinion. I really like the shape and the large buttons. It allows me to hold it in a variety of positions, with either hand, and always easily reach one of the buttons. I always keep it in the cover, which makes it possible to hold it at the top left with one hand, and still hit the next page button. Or I can slide my left hand down, hold it near the bottom, and hit the next page button with my index finger. Same goes for holding it with my right hand only. I find it to be very functional.

My only complaints are the color (I wish it were darker), and that it takes too much force to click the roller wheel.
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