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Originally Posted by Harryet View Post
I've got a new Sony PRS-650 and it's much better than the PRS-600, but I cannot get it to cooperate with Adobe Digital Editions, only with Sonys own Reader. That would not really be a problem, but I work at the Stockholm public library and staff cannot download programs - unless we pay a lot of money (and time) to get it to our platform.

Adobe Digital Editions cooperated with my PRS-600. Is it not possible with a PRS-650?
Yes, it should work with ADE. Try this:

1) Connect the PRS-650, open Sony eReader desktop software.
2) Try dragging an epub book onto the PRS-650's icon in the Sony software.
3) Sony software asks you if you want to associate an Adobe ID to the PRS-650.
4) Follow the steps. When you are done, eject the PRS-650 in the Sony software.
5) Connect the PRS-650 to the computer that only has ADE installed and open ADE. Should work now?
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