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Originally Posted by Bookworm_Girl View Post
Hi, bobsi18. Happy birthday! Glad you are enjoying your new Sony!

I use a Mac too...You can use the Sony software to manage all of your ebooks if you want. It can handle both DRM'ed and non-DRM'ed and not just ones that you purchased from Sony.
Thankyou Ok, thanks for the info, I'll install the software and see how I go (there were a few I books I wanted to checkout on Kobo).

Originally Posted by Bookworm_Girl View Post
Here's how I add summaries for my non-DRM'ed books. In calibre, I paste summary text into the Metadata field called "Comments". Then when you do a file conversion, in the Structure Detection input check the box for "Insert metadata as page at start of book".
Brilliant, thanks for that, just gave it a go and works well
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