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Smile Managing Collections and a few other questions

Hi all,
I finally got my first ereader yesterday for my birthday, thanks for all the help I got a pink Pocket, with a cover with a light. Very much loving it!

A few questions I've come up with (edited with some solutions):
  • I'm happy managing my library via calibre (used this to manage books on my iphone), so plan on continuing to use this. Is there any disadvantage to not installing the Sony software? I haven't yet dealt with DRM'd books, but from what I can see I will be able to use Adobe software to deal with them (if it makes any difference, I'm using a mac).
    As per Bookworm_Girl's post: on the mac, to be able to read Sony store books and other DRM'd books, I'll need to use the Sony software
  • I've created a tag with the name 'UNREAD' in calibre to manage my unread books. Once I've read the book on my reader, is there a way to delete the book from the UNREAD collection, or do I need to do this via calibre?
    Books can be deleted and added to collections from within the device, but these won't sync to the computer. Best way is probably to deal with the collection from within Calibre. I'll probably create a new tag named 'DELETE FROM UNREAD' and after reading a book, I'll move it there from within the device. Before plugging the ereader in the computer to add new books etc, I'll access that collection and delete those books from the UNREAD collection in Calibre.
  • One thing that I loved about reading books on my iphone was that I could read a summary of the book before I launched into reading it. Is there a feature like this on the Sony ereader? I have each of my books setup in calibre to have a summary and an image (the summary is in the contents section).
    As per Bookworm_Girl's post: In calibre, paste summary text into the Metadata field called "Comments". Then when you do a file conversion, in the Structure Detection input check the box for "Insert metadata as page at start of book".
  • How do you manage series? I have books collected together in calibre with the series feature, and that pops it into a 'collection' on the reader. At the moment each of the books in the series are named (for example): LOTR01 The Fellowship of The Ring etc - I add an abbreviation and a number to signify the number in the series. Is this the best way to group it so that I know what number book it is?
    As per this thread, a plugboard can be setup to deal with series, it will even add a section to the end of the title, something along the lines of LoTR1, and sort by book number.
  • Formats - given the option, what is the best format to work with? Epub or something else?
  • Any other tips on working with Calibre and a Sony ereader?

Oh - one other question - when I plug my ereader into the computer, it launches two 'devices' - 'READER' and 'SETTING'. When I'm finished adding books via calibre and eject the ereader, it only ejects 'READER'. Am I fine to unplug at this stage, or should I also eject 'SETTING'?
As per SeaBookGuy's post, no need to worry about Setting.

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