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Originally Posted by ldolse View Post
Calibre shouldn't ignore stylesheet changes you made in Sigil. There's probably something else going on. If you can create a reproduction case with some generic non-copyright content you could post it here, otherwise post it to a bug with the file on
I will do that if I don't get it figured out.

Originally Posted by ldolse View Post
You did actually change the beginning of each of those paragraphs to <p class="calibre7">, right? One thing I probably wouldn't do is use the name calibre7 or any calibre name in my own css styles. Create an name like 'noindent' or something like that. I don't think calibre actually reserves those names but it's possible that's tripping things up.
Yes, I did make the changes. I double-checked. I also changed them from 'calibre7' to 'noindent' just to see, but no change. Still not getting to the MOBI file.

I turned on the debug mode and learned something. Four folders are created: input, parsed, structure and processed. My marked up text and stylesheet survive until the processed folder. Both the stylesheet and my text files have the correct tags and definitions in input, parsed and structure. In the processed folder, both are missing. No more 'noindent' class definition in the stylesheet and in the text that string is replaced with 'calibre1', the default style. So somewhere in the last step it goes south. And of course, the MOBI output looks like the processed folder files - all paragraphs are indented.

Thanks ldolse.
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