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To clear up a few things here about the original post, here's the deal. I got myself an ereader this summer, and as much research as I did on the ereaders themselves, I forgot to look into the prices of books... I was disgusted when I found out the prices of books. I've been lurking on this site for a while now, but while I read some of the threads, I've generally found that my comments are covered by other people, so I never felt strong enough to go through the trouble to create an account.

On a totally separate note, I found and read the first book of a little known author, and I really liked it a lot. So when I heard about the experiment, I figured that I could contribute original information to this forum, created the account, started the thread. Looking back on this, my enthusiasm certainly does make it look staged, but I assure you the author had nothing to do with me posting this, unless you count starting the experiment.

As for why I haven't continued to post, I must have misconfigured my account somehow, I just received a notification today that anyone had posted on this thread at all. I checked my settings, I'm supposed to receive daily notifications, so I'm not sure what's going on. I would blame my spam filter, but I'm not sure why I got the notification at all...

Anyway sorry for the confusion, and sorry to the conspiracy theorists who think that I'm actually the author or the publisher, or maybe an alien from outer space Now that I have my account I may be more active.
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