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Black M-Edge Cover

As folks have noticed, Bookeen seems to be shipping Cybooks with the M-Edge cover rather than the one on the Bookeen website.

Having had it for approximately thirty minutes, I don't think I mind all that much, but I'm wondering about a few things.

The Bookeen website describes the Bookeen cover as "easily foldable with integrated magnets". By contrast the M-Edge cover doesn't seem to fold back very easily (indeed, it seems designed not to), and has a leather tuck strap to keep things closed, which past experience with, eg. filofaxes, leads me to wonder whether this tuck strap will keep getting in the way of the screen.

The Bookeen cover seems to be clean on the inside. The M-Edge cover (or "genuine leather executive jacket", as they call it) has a loop for a pen and pockets for stuff (that seem to be the size they are purely as a function of the size of the cover as a whole, rather than as a function of anything one might want to put in them). These additions strike me as completely useless for the Cybook, although they might well be useful for some of the other things M-Edge makes stuff for.

As for brown v black - I could go either way.

So - the jury is out on the replacement covers. (And I wish Bookeen had told us about the switch...)

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