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Originally Posted by ATDrake View Post
KindleGen supports waypoints, but there are some creation/display quirks.

You need to make a valid NCX and link it properly via the OPF in the way that KindleGen likes to see it. If you have even a slight error in doing either, it'll ignore everything.

Also, there seems to be a limit on the number of NCX entries you can make before it starts to choke on stuff, but that probably won't be a problem for you.

Here are two earlier threads which perhaps you may find useful:Hope this helps, and welcome to MobileRead!
The limit thread above seems to be the wrong one? The link points to battery indicator problems. I have 400+ chapters, but they are 1-4 pages (depending on your font size, screen size, etc.)

I must have a "slight error" such as you allude to, as I get no waypoints. I changed my id= and src= to be the same instead of different per the second link you supplied, but I could see no difference. As far as I could tell, I was doing the rest of the stuff correctly.

Is it because I'm using Kindle for PC as a test bed (my friend has a Kindle, and I'm trying to make this for him)? Does anyone know if Kindle for PC handles waypoints? I'll likely get feedback on this latest version from my friend tomorrow, but I could see no difference on K4PC.

Does someone have a book with waypoints they could share so I could see the effect on K4PC, if any?

Does someone have such a book, and also its source, that they could share?

Sadly, I cannot share my data, because of non-disclosure agreements. I could probably work up a sample of other data, though, since I wrote a Python script to generate the HTML/NCX/OPF files from other markup.
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