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Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Thank you all for responding so quickly.
I had wondered if the Ecoreader, Ectaco and Hanlin ect where the same as they looked exactly alike. Now I know. I assume all the software etc is the same?

In regards to the kogan (neilmarr) - I will revisit this option - thanks - can't remember now why I crossed it off my list - Does any one here have any goods/bads on the Kogan that they could share with me???

I wanted an ebook that was good at reading non drm files (so lots of file format ability)- as I have LOTs of ebooks on my computer that I downloaded from the web for "free". Not terribly interested in purchasing books at this time. I have about three years worth of books to read first!
Also - I am not much interested in wifi/3g etc. and wanted the ability for extra memory and change out of battery. So the astak fit the bill perfectly. Will jump back into my searching today and let you know how I go. Again - can't thank you all enough for your help.

P.S - Astak must be losing money BIG time - this really is quite shoddy business practice. Especially when companies these days are trying to be lean and profitable. To have access to forums such as this that give them an idea on how well/or not they are doing - and not really improving....
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