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Originally Posted by mgmueller View Post
Of course you can do so.
When using it for the first time, many recommend to fully charge the battery before using it. And to have some full charging circles at the beginning.
But that's about prolonging battery life.
But leaving that topic aside, of course you can use your tablet (like all those other gadgets with a battery) directly via electric outlet instead of using the battery.
BTW: Any tablet should do way more than 2 hours. Even 6 hours are the lower limit. Usually, it should be about 8 to 12 hours for most tablets.
Those figures only are given, because most users consider tablets mobile devices and want to know, how long it will do while "on the road", without any electric outlet. But of course you can use it way longer than these given durations.
Thank you for your nice replay, please just to clarify
If I plugged the internet tablet in my wall current next to me, would I be able to use it 24 h a day when it is plugged ?
or it will stop working even if it is plugged?
thanks a lot.
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