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A little bit more feedback.
I have now played a little bit with my new toy. If I have time I'll tube it allthough I am not really experienced with videos etc.

Anyway. As I said I could compare the DR900 Sipix with the Sony PRS650 e-ink which is just another world and way superior. The light grey (instead of white) and dark grey (instead of black) of the DR900 result into a lower contrast making the whole appear a little bit “smoggy”. However I tested the DR900 yesterday reading about 10 pages in the dark with a small artificial light and the reading is just still the same pleasure. I also tested a capacitative screen stylus which seems to work very well. According to another italian purchaser it is better than VizPlex, but I haven’t seen VizPlex working.

The reactiveness of the touch screen is sort of disappointing (especially if you are used to a tablet). However also in this case it doesn’t really affect the reading. Just the page refresher is a little bit slowlier and and you have to get used to the highlighting or use of dictionary, which however I liked eventhough I did no extensive testing and just picked some words out of the text. The dictionairy did fine and not like those small paper dictionairies in which you never find a good translation.

Internet connectivity surprised me because I thought it would not be possible at all to browse the net. The browser works and you can google or wiki as much as you want, with the limitations of the low reactiveness and the fact that flash content/video etc are not supported. I opened the Wiki entry for Heinlein and scrolling works, you can read everything and also see the pictures. For some reason I could not enter my Yahoo Account, but I didn’t really insist too much.

I tested the reader also with PDF’s and the result is positive. If you need to read an A4 PDF you can do it properly, without too many complications. if you have to zoom or move the page (though I had some troubles in zooming properly (but maybe I have to just understand better how it works) again: the reactiveness is an issue. The quality of reading is quite acceptable and consider that with a 6” you will never even get close. I tested the DR900 also with an Italian Newspaper PDF page and in this case the difficulty in zooming properly moving the page, even in horizontal layout make it possible but rather complicated.

For epub's, you can set 4 different text sizes which you can customize, but I have to look better to see how exactly it works.

Overall I am very satisfied and I enjoyed the reader with the limitations I noted above. Great reader but some improvements would make the difference. If you read epub ebooks only a 650 is better (but still I really wanted a little bit of a bigger screen) , if you read PDF’s A4 size this will do, if you read PDF’s bigger size than i would not really recommend it. I would recommend it, however I suggest you to see it working live before purchasing it. If you are more of a perfectionist and really want something more maybe you better wait (but I am waiting since March and really in no mood to wait another 12 months).

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