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Hi hoping someone can help me: After almost two weeks of researching ereaders I finally decided to purchase an astak 6" ereader. I have read many of the threads here and am happy with my decision. However - I have hit a brick wall in regards to actually purchasing. I went to the website listed by both robertb and jennifer from astak for "international orders" ( to find that there is absolutely NO mention of ereaders anywhere on the site. So I sent an email to their support area to be told they had sold out. Even if thatís the case - why arenít the products even listed on this website??? The other website ( lists them but they all have sold out against them, and just to double check I went into the purchase area but there is no international option. The service support did suggest I check other areas such as or - but they didnít have the astak - unless itís called something else? And I donít know what the internationally purchasing/shipping policy is for these companies. At least with the one robertb gave was for overseas purchases (supposedly?). Also - its Xmas - and they have run of of stock already?? And no info on the site to say when the next shipment in etc.

So - I really had my heart set on this product for Xmas, but I feel I am now back to square one, and may end up buying something completely different - or not at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at my whitís end.
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