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Originally Posted by yifanlu View Post
So I finally got it working. But the solution is REALLY bloated. I'm running an ARM version of Privoxy in the background, which sits and filters out popups and makes them run in the same window. I don't have time to do a big writeup right now, but basically.

1. Cross-compile privoxy and set it up
2. Add the rules (to global.actions): "{+filter{all-popups}}"
3. In the config, make it forward all requests to amazon (
4. In /opt/amazon/config/ServerConfig.conf, make the kindle use localhost:8118 as the proxy instead of

It works, but I have no idea how it impacts battery life and/or performance. (Privoxy is designed to be small, so it shouldn't be that bad). Also, you get to block ads as an added bonus.
Would LOVE if this could be compiled into a "bin" file with an installer and an uninstaller
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