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Originally Posted by Cuteepatootee View Post
I just looked on the ereader site and see no offer of auto scroll. How did you do this?
It's buried in the second level of settings, but doesn't work as well as the Palm OS version did. You have to go into the settings to start it and disable screen timeout separately to get it to work. I've abandoned the program in favor of Moon+ Reader, which has an autoscroll icon in the toolbar and automatically disables the screen timeout when the program is open. It also allows you to regulate the speed in several different ways. I used the volume up/down button customization option, but there are screen swipe options, too.

Moon+ Reader won't read .pdb ebooks, so you have to remove the DRM and convert them to epubs to use it. If you have DRM-free ebboks, then Calibre ebook converter is easy to use and free (although donations are welcome!).
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