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Most of those no-name chinese tablets have crappy battery life. My novel will run about 5-6 hours with the wifi off, and I have an external battery pack for it that doubles that. I wouldn't buy anything I had to charge more frequently than this. It's frustrating enough that on days like yesterday when I spent the day trying out all the different firmwares available on slatedroid for the PDN, I had to recharge it twice. But for the record that 2.2 is FAST--FASTFAST. It's just not ready for primetime yet.

For a cheap android tablet with fairly good support on slatedroid, the Pandigital Novel is still it for me. $100 give or take with rebates and sales. You can buy it at places with very liberal return policies, and the different firmwares on slatedroid mean you can cut yourself on the bleeding edge of what it will run or take a more conservative approach.

I'm back running the Cruz UI firmware. I just like it, and everything works. I tried to live without the market yesterday, but even with all the other places to get apk files, I got frustrated by specific things I couldn't find elsewhere.
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