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Thumbs down Beta 2.0.3 firmware 902 problems

I have installed the beta firmware from the forum, all went well, and there are some rather nice bonuses when using this, the RSS reader is
The show stopper is alas that he now 'forgets' the place in the last read book, it will open the correct book just always on page 1
Kinda funny/confusing if you have as boot img 'last read book' it will show the correct page (think it is a screen shot) and then just when you are happily reading jump back to page 1.. Sigh

Such a shame, hope Pocketbook will fix this soonish, it is a pain when you have many unread books and keep trying to find where the hack you where in the book

Before you ask Yes, i have already done a 'clean slate' and opened diverse books, same problem persists.
Any other suggestions would be VERY welcome!
Maybe even a suggestion at how to get back to previous version, since i rather loose the RSS app and keep my place in the books i read?
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