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Originally Posted by farrioth View Post
Can you please explain how you installed the firmware? Did you put files/eb600em/fz.tgz into the kobo update or just put the or just put the COOL-ER update on the SD card?

I use my Kobo for work (reading journal articles) so I want to make sure I have the instructions right before I flash anything.

Is page turning faster for PDFs too?

OK, firstly all credit to zog for this, I just interpreted his instructions.

1 - Download the kobo update

2 - Download the Cool-er update

3 - Format a 2Gb SD card to ext3 (I used gparted under ubuntu)

4 - Extract the kobo update to the SD card (I used the built in function of midnight commander)

5 - Extract the Cool-er update to a temporary directory somewhere

6 - Copy files/eb600em/fs.tgz from the expanded Cool-er directory to overwrite file/eb600em/fs.tgz on the SD

7 - Turn off the kobo, insert the SD, and turn it back on whilst holding down the centre D pad button

8 - Once 5 boxes have appeared on the kobo boot screen, you can let go and the firmware will update. Takes a few minutes and the device appears to restart several times.

Of course these instructions may be pretty worthless if the just released 1.8 firmware is any good

Edit: haven't tried PDFs yet

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