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Red face

Ha ha re: the guy with the book cover signature. And wow there are a lot of haters on this forum. Maybe that's why Ashley left.

But there are a lot of smart people here, too. From this post, and from the one I started before I knew about this one, comments here have helped me a lot with the next step of this experiment.

Thanks to suggestions here, I'm going to ask my publisher if they'll try a longer experiment. My original request was for him to lower the ebook's permanent price to $4.99, and this experiment was his way of saying no, and we'll show you that more books won't sell even at $1.99. (Which is why I've been on blogs promoting it - it was important to me that more books sold this week - so I have a leg to stand on for future discussions.)

So since the results are something real, I think my next step is to ask him for a more comprehensive experiment - a few months at the price I like - $4.99.
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