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Originally Posted by Sil_liS View Post
And I just read the comments on the blog. I can't say that I really like the fact that the author suggests that people should lie about their address to get the georestricted book, and then gets upset when someone points out that that isn't a solution to the georestriction problem. Especially since she is the one who signed the contract to give limited rights to the publisher.
Bah, stupid rules deserve to be ignored. I bought a DVD player and then had it sent to a company so they could remove the global chip that prevents me from watching Japanese Anime that is made in Japan. Yes the publisher should be penalized for not making this work available everywhere but there is a risk to that for the publisher, at least this is the case with software, you need to be “sensitive” to regional issues if you want to sell in certain markets. If the consumer lies, and gets the book from a US store then the publisher can’t be held accountable if the content offends someone in the UK. I don’t actually think the UK is much of a problem but China has been known to be rather reactionary and throw employees into jail for mistakes. The publisher then throws up his hands and says “but it wasn’t supposed to be sold in China.”

I bought the book because, whether or not this is a publicity stunt, I do want to support lower e-book prices and I would hate to think that I didn’t when I had the opportunity.
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