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Mobi Creator build errors

Hi all,

I'm currently converting some text files ready for my kindle. I have followed HarryT's 2 guides to the letter.

Firstly editing the text in BD and then going to mobi pocket creator.

I've manually replaced the html tags and added the ones per HarryT

For example here is my A name=toc

<DIV >&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV >&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</DIV>
<SPAN id=title><A name=toc><DIV align=center><FONT color=#001950><B>CONTENTS</B></FONT></DIV></A>
When I run mobi creator i get:

Warning(prcgen): Hyperlink not resolved: D:\ebook\Kindle\Sherlock\Book1\book.html#toc

Warning(prcgen): Hyperlink not resolved: D:\ebook\Kindle\Sherlock\Book1\book.html#start_rea ding

Warning(prcgen): Hyperlink could not resolved.

I've searched high and low with no luck.

Any help would be great,

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