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Originally Posted by Clemenseken View Post
Is it only in PDFs that you cannot hyperjump? (and what do you do instead...)
Hi Clemens,
Yes, its only in PDF that one cannot jump to hyperlinks. This may change in the future but at present it holds. One can only use page turns or input page numbers with a little matrix that pops up and than move to the selected page. It is quite cumbersome to tab in the numbers on the matrix but its the only method to navigate within a PDF document.

Your dictionary works quite well know. However, I find the first 4 pages not particularly useful. It would be easier to start immediately with the letter A (after a cover page of course), then tap through page by page to the letter one is looking for.
Even better would be - if at all possible - to have the maximum of letters with indexed words on the first pages in very small print, i.e. to have all indexed words with page number for the letters A to D on the first page, E to L on the second page, etc.
However, these wishes are based on what would be optimal for the Gen 3 which might not be the best way to use the dictionary on your device.

Will you also produce the Italian/English version with page numbers?

Kind regards

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