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Root / Shell / Term / SSH / editor on a Kindle 2?


Hello everyone,

I've been trying to find away to use my Kindle 2 as a simple word processor. I want to be able to type and edit files full-screen. (Currently I can type and edit annotations, but the dialog box is rather small).

How can I get root access on my Kindle 2? How can I get a terminal running? And is it even possible to port something like nano or pico to the Kindle 2?


Hello, everyone.

I've really enjoyed the dev forums here, despite not being much of a developer myself. I have only dabbled in linux and programming -- enough to have fun, but never enough to get anything practical made.

I noticed that some people have been getting root access and running ssh clients and terminals on their kindles, which is very exciting. But the posts are getting confusing -- I can no longer tell when people are talking about the K3 or the K2...

Personally, I REALLY want to use my Kindle 2 as a simple text editor. The best I can do right now is to add a note to a document and come back later and grab it out of "My Clippings.txt", and I suppose if the editing dialog box were bigger, that might suffice, but it's too small to do a lot of writing and editing.

So my question is --> How do I get at least a terminal on my Kindle 2? And then, is it possible to get something like nano or pico on there? I don't mind dabbling with cross compiling, though I don't know where to begin with a kindle.

Thanks, everyone!


PS -- I'm not such a noob to brick my device, but am coming the the conclusion I might need to downgrade my firmware to get the USBNetworking up and running... no ;debugON in 2.5.4...

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