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Thanks for the prompt reply. I've tried adding information as per the list but so far I have not suceeded.

The meta tags Subject, Description, and Type all do not automatically generate Tags for the file when loaded via Calibre.

Example. Here's a few lines from the HTML file I use:

<META NAME="Subject" CONTENT="Lyrics, Music">
<META NAME="DC.Subject" CONTENT="Lyrics, Music">
<META NAME="DCTERMS.Subject" CONTENT="Lyrics, Music">
I've used all three possible formats for the sake of completeness. I then add this HTML file to Calibre using the GUI. (Note:I have added this HTML file once before and used "Remove Books" to delete it; I include this info in case there's a db-related issue.)

The resulting OPF in the Calibre Library. In the book's folder, I see an OPF file and it does not contain the tags I expect. I should note that if I include, for example, the "Type" metadata in the HTML file, I don't see any "type" metadata in the OPF file. It's as if though it's being ignored entirely.Subju

Other books that I've added tags to using the Calibre UI do have the proper OPF entries:
So: what am I doing wrong? I'm using 0.7.33.
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