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Originally Posted by nor11wan View Post
:..Find the directory called...
How do I go about doing that?? Where is it hiding this directory ??

Btw:How do I name the folder containing those epub books!!
When you connect your android phone to the PC, it probably asks if you want to charge or connect to pc, choose connect like storage device.
In Windows 'My Computer' (or how the place is called where you can see attached drives) look for the one that represents the SD Card, en open it.
Look for a folder named ebook, open it, there will be a folder inside it, named import, open it, and drag your drm free ebooks there ;-)
When done, don't forget to 'safely remove' your usb device (in XP that is a very small thingy on the right in the bar with the start button)
Disconnect phone, and start Aldiko. press menu button, choose import, and if all went well you will see your books appear on the bookshelf.
Silly that you have to use 1 specific folder, hope they fix that in the new version.

Greetings, and good luck, hope this makes some sense for you.

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