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Advancing Amazon's Sales Model: Print & e-book Combo Purchase)

I think amazon should offer a print and e-book combo deal so you can buy both at the same time for a large discount. People want the freedom of owning the book and the convenience of reading it on an e-reader, but nobody in their right mind will normally pay full price for both.

Further, I like many people are hesitant to jump onto the e-book bandwagon because I know I will not buy a book twice and that means I will no longer own my books, just a license to read the book.

This is why I propose that amazon create the ability to pay a few extra dollars to buy the e-book with the printed version. They will not lose money, because the only opportunity cost they will be forgoing is an option that nobody will pursue anyway, thus they will only make more profit on that sale. Additionally they will get many more customers because more people will jump onto the e-book bandwagon because they will know that they are not losing the freedom to own the books as they always have!

Finally, you are actually paying them more so they are making more profit. The e-license also ties you to their store so you are likely to be a return customer with a larger total sale price. Otherwise, just subscribe to an e-library, which amazon may want to offer as well...

The used printed books with full ownership rights cost less than the restricted
e-license. I've even seen e-books sell for more than the printed edition. Amazon must advance their sales model!

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