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Originally Posted by jenifer.ezread View Post
SD Rebel,

As the current representative of Astak, I want to assure you that we still provide full customer support for all of our eBook reading devices. If you need any help at all, you can use or cc your message to my account at You can also call our support line from 9-6 PST, Monday-Friday at 408-452-8788.

We are also in no way leaving the eBook market. When our current issues subside, we will be gladly offering new products and services along with our "older" eBook reading devices.

I know you have been absent from the forums, so if you could direct me to any post(s) that directly said we were no longer offering support or products that I did not address, that would be great. Just anything that led you to believe that we were out of business, etc.

Welcome back to the forums!

thanks for your reply, but nowhere I said that you guys were no longer offering support (wrt "so if you could direct me to any post(s) that directly said we were no longer offering support").
I was just asking if things were like they were last year.
Also, I couldn't read the whole thread, but I did read a bit of the thread about Robert no longer being among us in this forum and about the conspiracy theories from many members about why he's not working with Astak...
I Also read about the readers not being on sale (dont' know the details), that's why I was asking if Astak was out of the business and/or if support would go away.
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