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The Amazon is to Kindle, what Itunes is to iPods, an awesome experience. I sometimes get from people that they would never own a apple MP3 product because it supposedly requires iTunes. However these same people don't understand that the true experience comes from the device as well as the online store, which is the reason that Amazon and Apple are tops in the industry. They are selling an experience not necessarily a device. At the same time I have received countless free books from the Amazon Store, and countless free applications and music from the Apple store. There are great resources online for both. For example be sure to check out, for tons of free books and the offering changes every hour:

I also have a Sony PRS-505 and although my online experience has not been that great I can find just as much content for the Sony device as I could for the Kindle, it just may take a bit more work depending upon the resources available to the end user. The above two mentioned companies seem to have great customer services resources as well. I don't want to leave out B&N either. Although I have not had a chance to use B&N CS I think that they offer a great experience as well, at least from what I have been hearing.

I am happy for your Amazon experience(s) however, and enjoy.
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