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Originally Posted by daffy4u View Post
I didn't say it had to be an English best seller. Use your native language.

As far as a lot of fiction writers not being rich, I'm sure the same can be said of scientific and historical writers (even at 50 bucks a pop!).

If fiction is not your style, that's fine but it is unfair of you to belittle and dismiss the work that the authors put into their books (whether they are good or bad books in the eye of the reader).
Charles Darwin risked his life, spent years in the sea, lost his youth nights studying by himself geology under candle light in order to write his book "natural selection"
Fiction writing is an art, and like every art, they are fans who indulge a lot their preferred authors and cherish them without any factual reason.

Neil Armstrong, the guy who wadded on the moon, discovered one day that his barber was collecting his hair to sell it to some fans for 400 dollars each teaspoon or less !

Fiction writing is an art , there is no fairness in this field .
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