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And here are the results for this afternoon's tests:

1. and 2. Failed.

3. (Print page HTML, sent via email) Formatting from the HTML came through fine, text with good sizes and titling and bold fonts. There is some cruft from the images which were excised when I left out the saved image file. Very legible, and a fine alternative.

4. (Printed page to PDF file, sent via email) The PDF is presented exactly as it would appear on my Mac's screen, formatting and all -- Same line spacing and paragraph width too, which resulted in it being too small to read easily.

5. (Copied into MS Word, .docx file sent via email) Excellent. Layout is preserved, text size conforms to my Kindle's settings. Text is smaller than it appears in the HTML output, but that may have to do with the html formatting.

In the end, @KindleWorm had the best solution, but I found the HTML export superfluous. The .docx format works perfectly fine to get the file onto the Kindle.

Thanks for the help!

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