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Errors in Mindweb by Scott Thomas

I purchased "Mindweb" by Scott Thomas from the Sony bookstore (EPUB format). This book has the usual number of typos, but the real sin seems to be using the wrong word. Some examples:

"He heard a FEINT noise..."
"The heavy DEVISE was attached to the..."
"Without much in the way of good BUYS..." (this error happens several times)
"Once in the car, Sandra caught Ken's attention and with jesters indicated ..." (that was my favorite)

Other times, words are dropped. Here's just one example:

"... in a place that was have been well below the water line."

I could go on an on. The interesting part: this book tells me it is from Smashwords (where I bought the second and third books in the series). I contacted Smashwords and they don't care -- meaning they say it's entirely the fault/responsibility of the author. That buck will wear out if it's passed around much further.
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