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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Since I rarely re-read books, I regard this as a complete "non issue". I buy books to read NOW - I don't particularly care whether or not I'll be able to re-read them in 20 years' time. How many of the books that you bought 20 years ago do you still have, and read, now?
This is where I have a problem. I have books that are 20 years old and I like the fact I can read them again (and do). I am not interested in Sony's proprietary format as we know how that often works out for them (fingers crossed for Blu-ray though), nor I am confident in Amazon's commitment to MOBI, especially after they screwed all their existing customers who have spent money on DRM'd books (basically if you have spent hundreds of pounds on DRM'd MOBI books, buy them now on Kindle or [Expletive deleted] off).

If maybe they allowed the Kindle to read DRM'd MOBI files, that would show some commitment to the format but more importantly the customer. As it stands, I think Mobipocket would be more appealing to me if Amazon sold it, that way it could be controlled by someone who had not basically just released a replacement to it.

I think I will go with the Sony just because they have said they will support epub and digital editions. By supporting an alternative DRM'd format, I think this shows commitment to the consumer and I trust Adobe having used their products for a long time. If Bookeen announce a date for epub support and that they will support digital editions, then I might be tempted, but I think the Sony is the nicer device of the two.

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