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to wait or to buy?

I'm trying to decide whether to pull the trigger and get an ebook reader now or not and if I do, which one.
On the one hand none of the devices currently on the market do even half of what I want. The Asus eee note comes really close (even though I'm a little bummed out about the LCD screen) but it's not out yet. Should I wait?

Of the devices that are out the ones that stand out to me are pocketbook ereaders and the kobo.
The kobo is really simple and easy for regular reading (of novels and the such) but not all my reading is simple. As a student I read the occasional PDF and the pocketbook ereaders (specifically the 301+ and the 602. I don't think I can spend more than $200 on an ebook reader) were attractive to me because they seem to have slightly superior PDF display capabilities because of the reflow mechanism they have (the PDFs I have worked with have been simple, mostly text and the ones that aren't purely text are usually powerpoints that have been converted into PDFs. Occasionally I will scan a book to read on my laptop because a 3lb laptop is lighter than a 5lb textbook so a decent PDF viewer on the ereader would be nice). I also like that the pocketbook ereaders can read multiple formats. This all being said I would most like to use the ebook reader at leisure. Would it be worth it to spend more money on the pocketbook ereader (I guess what I'm asking is if the PDF viewer is decent enough) or just settle for the kobo?
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