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Question Which one should a Mac user choose?

Hi There,

I could really use some help on choosing an e-book reader. I never thought about getting one until recently when the Kindle came out and I started researching them, and then I found that the more I learn, the more I get pulled in different directions. Below are some of my thoughts based on what Iíve learned, but never having seen most of these Iím finding it to be a very difficult decision.

First of all, I am a Mac user without easy access to a PC, and I will mostly just be using this to read novels.

1) The Kindle. I love the idea of not needing a computer to download books, and the prices of books seems fair. Plus, being able to read magazines on it seems like a real bonus, but I hate the idea of being locked into Amazon, and it does look really ugly. No support for pdf is also a slight bummer, but not a deal breaker. The $400 for this would be at the top of my budget.

2) The Sony 505. I saw this in person at Borders and it is very pretty, and feels perfect in the hand. I hate that there is no Mac support, but am I correct that I can buy books from Mobipocket instead? Do I have to go through a conversion process, or can I just see the Sony as a USB drive and drag and drop? If I move on to another device later (like the Cybook) would I be able to still read the books I buy? And is there any way for me to take advantage of their 100 free classics offer?

3) The Cybook Gen 3. This is the device I am leaning toward. I like the idea of it being easy to use on a Mac and able to read more formats. Plus it is small and slick. Worrying about purchase and support is what is holding me up. A) I really like the NAEB deal at $375 for a modified deluxe package and I want to order from them, but from the posts Iíve read they donít seem to quite have their act together. They donít have the ability for anyone to purchase yet, and the date for this to happen keeps moving back. How do we know that they will have any customer support if something goes wrong with the unit? B) Even though it will be more expensive Iím considering ordering direct from Bookeen, but again, from the posts Iíve read it seems like this can be a bit problematic, and they arenít delivering (on time anyway)

Thanks for your thoughts.
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