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Originally Posted by thermopyle View Post
Check out this link for some useful examples of Plugboard expressions:

The one I'm using is the "General Metadata" one in the first post. It makes the title metadata of the book lead with an initialization of the series title, the number of the book in the series in brackets, a dash, and then the name of the book (the author's name trailing on the right)...: this makes the title of the book Dresden Files 01 - Storm Front , with the Authgor still on the Author part - fair enough.

I forgot to do this last night (grrr!) so I'm having a go now. I've found the plugboard section, so I'll let that carry on over there.

I'll then combine this with AKC, and see what happens... (and I'll see if the DRM issue is there as well)

BTW, AKC author, have *you* successfully run it multiple times? As in loaded some on, run it, reset, saw it's okay, added more books, run it, reset, etc... Just want to see if *that's* the issue as well - although I can't see why it would be.
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