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I don't live in US and for that matter no Ereader is available in my country. But I'm going in an office trip for the next 2 weeks or so and plan to buy one. Does any of the device have trouble operating if I'm out of US? Thanks for the suggestions and here are my take on that.

I will probably buy it from stores in NY. Don't have a lot of free time. So suggestions on that are welcome too regarding where to check or buy and have good prices.

Forgot to say, I need good page turning speed. I'm used to instant page turn in computer and mostly so in Libre.

I don't think pocketbooks are that easy to find in US stores. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sony - It seems deals are off and the latest ones are in the last $179

Kindle - I'm guessing I have to convert the books using Calibre I guess? Can someone confirm if Calibre allows to covert to azw and if there's any issue with azw that I should know about (since I haven't used that). Thanks for the bestbuy suggestion.

Nook - If it can hold for 10 days that should be enough for me but yes 1 month of kindle helps.

Kobo has only epub and pdf but yes it have epub. As I understand it doesn't jump to pages or even backward? Am I correct. How is the page turning speed and navigation? My understanding was that its firmwire is not as good.

One thing I forgot to mention is the portability. How bad is it with kindle/Nook?

Which one don't support accessing the device as just USB device?
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