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Smile Just got my Kindle

I was holding off on the Sony Reader because of all the shortfalls mentioned here, plus Sony's reputation for lousy marketing. When the Kindle came along I ordered one. They sold out so fast that I had to wait for the second batch. It took 12 days to get mine. I have had it about 3 days and have 15 pages of books in the home section. So far I have spent $20 on books, none of them have DRM. The built in dictionary is fantastic. Never before have I had a dictionary along with me to look stuff up. I am also very impressed with the search feature. My only complaint so far is side buttons are so large that they are too easily pushed by accident. I think the next/previous buttons could easily be much smaller with more "grab space". I have recently had eye surgery and this thing is a real savior. One of the primary reasons I bought it was the ability to change the font to a larger size. Of those of you that say this is not a feature, wait until you are 75 years old to comment. I have a friend without a computer who is thinking of buying one for his wife that reads only large print books and who finds those hard to hold. I am a happy reader.
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